Tech4Teachers White Paper

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Digital Poverty Alliance

Key takeaways:

Demand & engagement: There was high demand for laptops with 1,750 devices distributed as part of the programme. However, teacher engagement with the academic evaluation and CPD programme was lower than anticipated. Benefits: The utilisation of digital devices can create professional and classroom based benefits for teachers. These include flexible working, improved lesson planning and the creation of teaching resources Training & capacity: Teacher capacity and a lack of perceived relevance were common barriers to teachers engaging with the CPD training and research evaluation process. Incentive: Policymakers should focus on activity to provide greater incentivisation for teachers to develop their digital skills. This may include integrating digital skills into initial teacher training (ITT) and as part of the requirements to obtain qualified teacher status (QTS). Accountability Framework: Policymakers should also consider how digital skills can be developed within accountability frameworks for schools and teachers such as the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework and the DfE (Department for Education) teaching standards.

Methodology and Methods:

Survey, Analysis of other data

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