Together we can end digital poverty once + for all.

How we define digital poverty & inequality.

“The inability to interact with the online world fully, when where and how an individual needs to”.

We believe that digital inequality and its definition needs to feature in the current agendas including social mobility and levelling up the UK.  We believe that this definition needs to develop and we will iterate over time based on community insight.

We convene, collaborate and increase sustainable capacity within the digital ecosystem. We are a member-based organisation, building collective action, learning and sharing with UK-based and  international organsiations.

Digital poverty: The Facts


of vulnerable children do not have access to a suitable device for learning.


of 12-15 year-olds have had a negative experience online.


of households earning less than £17.5K only have foundation digital skills.


of jobs advertised require digital skills.

The Digital Divide

Digital exclusion is not going away and is a top issue in tackling poverty. Although the pandemic has improved overall access, this is not universal and Covid has hit the poorest and the most vulnerable the hardest.

This is not a binary issue.

New levels of connectivity + technology are further compounding + causing new exclusions. These often reflect, reproduce + amplify divides which exist between socio economic classification, ethnicity, + gender to name but a few.

There is not enough progress.

Despite significant reporting, recommendations and investments such as the Governments 1.3M laptops and the Daily Mails campaign to raise over £10m this is still an urgent issue. For example, one in ten families rely on a mobile phone or similar for access.

Together we can bridge the digital divide.

There are some fantastic solutions to the digital divide but from a user perspective, these are often fragmented and don’t meet the total needs of the person and the people who are supporting them. We want to join up the system and enable a sustainable framework to deliver the change required.

Our DPA initial focus.

We want to connect the system and power up partners, champions and people who want to help to deliver holistic solutions for all the determinants of digital poverty and inequality, to those most in need more quickly.

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating and hosting community spaces where cross sector partners, champions, and people with a diversity of views and experience can come together to learn from one another, share what works and tools, remove duplication, and co-create solutions where there are gaps.
  • Enabling a collective voice to drive collective action. We want to integrate insight, evaluations, and recommendations to enable simpler user journeys for partners and policy makers to drive the change required and create a cohesive National Digital Poverty Delivery Plan.

Connect. Inspire. Enable.

DPA Ambassadors

Our Founding Ambassador group are a key part of our work and of the way that we engage with world beyond our doors. We also rely on your expert advice and support as and when needed and you are in a position to be able to help.

Improvements to suggest?

We want to ensure this website represents the community it serves, so please do let us know if you have any ideas for improvement.