Bridging the Gap

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Key takeaways:

The challenges that prevent parts of the world and segments of society from accessing the digital economy are numerous. Without reliable Internet, students can’t complete their education and learn new skills. If the cost of digital devices is too high, vulnerable populations are unable to access services and are left out of digital economic opportunities.

Methodology and Methods:

Bridging The Gap Report was compiled from a diverse range of original research and conversations, include a unique series of five round tables in five cities on five continents – Bangkok, Brussels, Kigali, New York, and Santiago – which brought together over 300 experts in development and technology to discuss the digital divide. A new survey of 1,000 businesses and consumers from 12 countries was conducted, as well as interviews with 37 digital economy experts and knowledge reviews of existing publications.
Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups/Panels/Workshops

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