The past couple of years might have had an effect on the way young people and families try and access the internet, or find a laptop to help with school, work and play. Here at the Digital Poverty Alliance, we’ve been on the lookout for aspiring young film-makers who want to tell their stories about digital inclusion.

Open to everyone aged 4 to 19 across the UK, we launched a national competition asking young people to create short films or storyboards that showed what they think is so great about being able to access the internet how and when they want to.

Too many young people still lack the access to computers or broadband that would allow them to compete in a competition like this. So non-digital entries were also welcome as a picture storyboard for what they would have filmed.

We asked young people to create a 60 second video or storyboard on one of the two themes below:

1) How has access to the internet made a positive impact on your life, or others in your family?

2) How would access to the internet make a positive impact on your life or others in your family?


We had a number of brilliant entries, and you can see a selection of the winners below!