We are delighted to announce that we have joined the Broadcast 2040+ campaign, which along with multiple other organisations and advocacy groups, calls on the UK Government to commit to protect broadcast services for decades to come.

Millions of people rely on universally available broadcast TV and radio services (Freeview TV and DAB/AM/FM radio). These services are most important to those who are most vulnerable in our society, including older people, those who are isolated (e.g. in rural communities), and those on lower incomes and people struggling with the cost of living.

The Government’s current policy means these services are only guaranteed until the early 2030s – just a few years away. We are seeking a public commitment from Government to safeguard broadcast TV and radio until 2040 and beyond.

We have joined the campaign along with a broad and growing coalition of voices, including Silver Voices, Age UK, VLV, the Children’s Media Foundation, the Rural Services Network and Arqiva.

Those living in our most rural communities are more reliant on broadcast TV and radio, due to insufficient broadband and network connectivity. Protecting their ability to access TV and radio is essential.

Monthly subscriptions to streaming services represent a growing expense which many people on lower and fixed incomes struggle to afford. Everyone has the right to access news, entertainment and broadcast TV and radio provide universal ‘free to air’ services that must be protected.

Many older people struggle to access online services, or simply prefer to watch or listen to broadcast TV and radio. Protecting the UK’s broadcast services is vital to supporting older members of the community, ensuring they remain connected and included in our society.

The campaign supports our organisation’s aims and goals. We are proud to be a part of the Broadcast 2040+ campaign and look forward to working with our fellow partners to secure the future of broadcast TV and radio.

For more information on the campaign please visit www.broadcast2040plus.org, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Author: Elizabeth Anderson, Chief Operating Officer at the Digital Poverty Alliance