On behalf of St Marys Ukrainian school, we would like to thank you Digital Poverty Alliance and Sincere Education College Development and also Britcorp who donated 100 laptops to our school.

When the war started, we welcomed 780 children, we have six locations and 90 members of staff, which 70% and are displaced  teachers. So therefore we use your laptops not only for the education in the class, but also for the teachers who study their lessons and activities for the children.

Today we’ll come to the class and see on Practise how we use those laptops during the lessons. And our teacher today planned the lessons as well, so that they use an interactive educational platform, Kahoot! It’s a gaming version of learning and development for children. So therefore, let’s just hop into the class and see what they do.

This is year five. So we’re learning today facts about our famous writer Leslie Ukrainka so during this gaming session they’re also learning. Let’s have a look on the board and on their laptops.  

We are grateful for the 100 laptops that you donated. What do we say to our Sponsors?

Thank you.