My name is Reverend Gail Thompson the CEO and Founder of Millennium Community Solutions CIC based in South London.

Our Coding Clubhouses empower young people to reach their full potential through coding and STEM skills. We feel strongly that they are the creators of the software-driven future and providing early exposure to these technologies will prepare them to be part of a future and diverse creative industries workforce.

Digital poverty is a multifaceted issue and the facet of the deep inequalities which runs through the social fabric of the UK and is more widespread than many people are aware of. A significant proportion of the UK is digitally excluded either through not having internet access, devices or because of low levels of digital literacy.

Continuing to tackle the digital divide at government level is essential to ensure that public services are delivered effectively.

The DPA continues to take measures to mitigate the impact of digital exclusion on children’s learning and many affected areas of financial strain. The Digital Poverty Alliance has helped us by using collective expertise in technology and data to create an ecosystem that has enabled us to deliver the maximum impact possible with limited resources.

Undoubtedly, we will not have been able to function to our capacity without the input of this organisation. DPA’s donated devices have had a great impact and in most cases have been life changing. The organisation has helped us distribute one hundred devices and internet data packages to some of Lambeth and Southwark Council’s most vulnerable residents.

Thanks to the Digital Poverty Alliance intervention we have been able to install new laptops into our Coding Clubhouses, serving upwards of forty young people weekly and providing an intensive package of support for students, which includes collaborative workshops as well as one to one support.

Hearing from the beneficiaries:

Hi I’m Lucy. I’ve been given this phone by the Digital Poverty Alliance and I’m very grateful because now I have much more hope of getting back in the system and having friends and communicating. In small stages I’m being taught how to cope with it and it’s helping me function. Just being ordinary and being able maybe even one day get some kind of job.

Hello, my name is Alan. I work for the Morsley, in South London, and I’d like to thank the Digital Poverty Alliance for providing us with the smart phones and telephones to give to the people of South London, to help them access services, social media, and communicate with friends and family. Just a huge thank you.

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I would like to thank Digital Poverty Alliance for giving me the opportunity to learn skills from them. I’m very happy very delighted. I’ve got a job now as a paid worker and I have improved so many skills. Thank you for the technology.