The Information Team at Carers Resource feedback on an impactful collaboration with the Digital Poverty Alliance and Computer Recyclers UK:

The Information Team from Carers Resource recently managed to secure a refurbished laptop for Peter, a partially sighted caregiver providing support for his wife, who has physical disabilities from a head injury. Their reliance on a computer for managing appointments, accessing benefits, and ordering online had become challenging as their aging machine struggled to navigate websites and documents at increasingly slower rates. Recognising the need for an upgrade, Peter approached his caseworker, who enlisted the Info Team’s help. The team successfully secured a kind laptop donation from the Digital Poverty Alliance, a national charity who work with secure ITAD, Computer Recyclers UK, to collect, refurbish and redistribute computers from businesses when they upgrade, and distribute via Get Online @ Home, who’s mission is to help close the digital divide by making technology affordable and accessible for all.

In late September, Asif from Home from Hospital and Phil from the Info Team personally visited Peter’s home to deliver the new machine—a fittingly named HP Envy. Peter could not have been more pleased. ‘It will make our lives so much easier!’ he said. ‘This new laptop will be lots faster than the old one, meaning I won’t be wasting time waiting for websites to load or documents to open. It’s a newer version of Windows too with better features and software. It will help remove some frustration from my day to day.’ The positive impact of the new device on Peter’s daily life was evident, marking a significant enhancement in their access to essential resources.

Phil was overjoyed to witness first-hand the impact and result of an Info Team query and felt warmed to hear how with the help of the digital poverty alliance they had improved the lives of peter and his wife. Sharing in Peter’s joy, Phil recounted, ‘He was so pleased with it. His younger grandson was going to help set it up after finishing college that day, and Peter couldn’t wait to start using it.’ Phil noted, ‘It was really good to see us make a difference like that.’

The laptop not only marked a technological upgrade but also symbolized a positive shift in the quality of life for Peter and his family. Marcus, from secure ITAD Computer Recyclers UK was very proud hearing of Peters feedback and the difference the donation had made for him: “Computer Recyclers UK are very proud to support the Digital Poverty Alliance, supplying professionally refurbished, warranted, customisable equipment. We are committed to supporting the circular economy and promote sustainability via secure I.T. asset disposition, professional re-use and re-marketing of retired I.T. assets, helping to ensure there is an affordable solution for all. It’s very difficult to imagine life without access to a computer or the internet on a daily basis yet millions of individuals, organisations, charities and schools are having to go without.”