Digital devices for refugees

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Location: London

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At: 4:58 am

Until: 4:58 am

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Provider: Screen Share UK

Address: 1st Floor, The Salvation Army Building

Postcode: NW10 4JJ

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Refugees are more likely to experience digital exclusion, and do so with greater consequences when they do. Access to the right technology is fundamental to accessing basic services and information, enrolling in and thriving in education, applying for jobs and communicating with solicitors. We match refugees and asylum seekers with high quality devices which meet their technology needs. We see this action as a fundamental tool of empowerment, and one which is crucial at this turbulent time for the refugee sector in the UK

Screen Share exists to support, inform and advocate for digital inclusion for refugees and asylum seekers across the UK. We do this primarily by collecting, refurbishing and distributing laptops and other tech to refugees and asylum seekers. We also help organisations and individuals understand what their options are in terms of digital inclusion. We are trying to change the landscape by advocating for more humane and just asylum policies in the UK, including an end to digital exclusion.

We were founded in early 2021 to fill a hole in the refugee sector which was exacerbated by but predates the pandemic. Despite currently being entirely volunteer-led, Screen Share has quickly become the go-to provider of technology in the sector and amassed a growing waiting list.


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