Start Up Strategy.

Building the DPA Foundations and Levers.

Our priority is to continue to build momentum and innovate with Digital for All (previously DAFA) initiatives + we will build a new DPA community platform for addressing wider holistic solutions based on the Determinants of Digital Poverty across all sectors.

We will learn + share with the world to do this. We won’t duplicate and where there is existing provision which meets the community requirements, the DPA will shine a light and provide a beacon and platform to help join the dots to other initiatives. Although we will learn from other countries, and provide a platform to support all DPA partners, our outcomes will initially focus on the UK, with two priority target groups + their enablers and influencers, for vulnerable people + those with protected characteristics (aged 5-25).

Start-Up Strategy House

Community Board 14.12.21

Enabling Community: From grassroots to government.

The 7 enablers for a digital poverty movement.

We will build a movement which is open, participatory and peer driven to drive the scale required. We will not be closed., inaccessible and leader driven.