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Who we are

We create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet.

We have big ambitions, and a growing sense of urgency to work with others and address world challenges no one can tackle alone.

At Intel, we’re setting a new standard for corporate responsibility, enacting meaningful change throughout our entire global network. From advancing climate solutions to diversity and inclusion initiatives, we’re uniting our partners, our customers, and our global technology portfolio to achieve something wonderful.

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Our support

Our world is facing challenges unlike any we have seen before. The urgent need for action on issues like climate change, the deep digital divide, lack of inclusion, and global pandemics calls for a new era of shared responsibility.

Intel have partnered with the Digital Poverty Alliance to provided funding two different projects as part of our RISE strategy – our commitment to positive global impact embedded in our purpose to create technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.

Firstly we are providing funding for the second stage of the Tech4Teachers initiative, and secondly we have partnered with The Digital Povery Alliance to launch the proof-of-concept Tech4PrisonLeavers initiative, providing $150,000 funding alongside support from Trailblazers Mentoring Charity to provide devices and mentoring for young ex-offenders .

Our RISE Strategy

We are raising the bar for ourselves and evolving our corporate responsibility strategy to increase the scale of our work with others to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable world, enabled through technology and our collective actions.

  • Responsible: Lead in advancing safety, wellness, and responsible business practices across our global manufacturing operations, our value chain, and beyond.
  • Inclusive: Advance diversity and inclusion across our global workforce and industry, and expand opportunities for others through technology, inclusion, and digital readiness initiatives.
  • Sustainable: Be a global leader in sustainability and enable our customers and others to reduce their environmental impact through our actions and technology.
  • Enabling: Through innovative technology and the expertise and passion of our employees, we enable positive change within Intel, across our industry, and beyond.


Tech4Teachers Scheme

Intel have partnered with the Digital Poverty Alliance to provided funding for the second stage of the Tech4Teachers initiative, a project which provides laptops to teachers to improve the quality of teaching at schools across the UK.

This stage of the campaign has started to connect teachers who lack adequate online access with 550 new devices, to enable them to better support over 20,000 school children in the most disadvantaged communities.

Tech4PrisonLeavers Scheme

Intel have partnered with The Digital Poverty Alliance to launch a proof-of-concept initiative to provide young men being released from prison with the digital skills and access they need to access employment opportunities and support their ongoing development.

Providing $150,000 funding for the Tech 4 Prison Leavers scheme, Intel, Digital Poverty Alliance and Trailblazers Mentoring Charity will provide devices and mentoring for young ex-offenders . The scheme aims to equip beneficiaries with the tech skills and support they need to access greater work opportunities . The ultimate aim is to reduce re-offending rates and support ex-offenders’ with employment opportunities and life skills.


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