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Chief Operating Officer – no longer accepting applications

We believe that a diverse workforce leads to an organisation that is more open, creative and gets better results.

We want the team at DPA to represent the diversity of people and communities. We also want our team to be one where different experiences, expertise and perspectives are valued, and where everyone is encouraged to grow and develop.

We want to reach a diverse pool of candidates. We are happy to consider any reasonable adjustments that potential employees may need to in order to be successful. The COO will lead the Senior Leadership Team and report to the CEO. The post will be responsible for effective and efficient internal management of the organisation – our money, our people, providing appropriate project and programme management and ensuring efficient value for money facilities and support functions.

The DPA plans to be a small core organisation working with and through partners to deliver to our vision. As such the central team is expected to be no more than 5-10 people, and likely to include secondees and short-term consultants.

This is a critical time for DPA as we establish an organisation to help deliver real quantifiable change and take on the enormous but eminently achievable task of ending digital poverty in the UK by no later than 2030.

The COO will play a critical role in initial guidance and support for the building of the DPA and then will have responsibility for organisational development. We would like the core team to have clear responsibility for developing the organisation, its plans and its culture, keeping us running efficiently but also developing effectively too.

Colleagues should feel as motivated, confident and well-equipped as possible, and that will come from having a core that puts us on the best footing to live our values and deliver our mission. As our COO, you will work to ensure that we have the right culture and capabilities to meet our future ambitions. You will lead the process of developing annual budgets and operating plans, helping others within the DPA Community to deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make a reality of our vision and ensure there is timely, accurate financial management information available and monitored so colleagues understand and can take action on our financial position in-year.

You will embed sound project and programme management disciplines across the DPA, and be responsible for efficient supporting infrastructure: IT, data protection, legal etc.

You will work remotely as does the rest of the team but naturally be required to attend meetings in person where/when required and possible.

Key Responsibilities
  • Working with the CEO and SMT and two Boards – the Learning Foundation and DPA Board, lead the annual budget setting and operational planning process, ensuring alignment with our goals and strategic plans
  • Develop and lead a culture that encourages high levels of motivation and outstanding performance, and evaluates progress against goals and values for the organisation
  • Develop and lead the implementation of effective, fit for purpose, core business processes, including processes which need to be run in coordination with organisations with whom we are in formal partnership
  • Ensure our financial planning, policies and management is rigorous, with streamlined, transparent processes that help all colleagues access accurate and timely information and are making best decisions about our income and expenditure
  • Ensure high standards of information management and data protection across the organisation, making sure our teams can access the information they need quickly and easily, maintain it securely, and keep accurate records and audit trails
    Identify when there is a requirement for external specialist support, such as HR or legal guidance, and ensure this is accessed and used effectively
  • Work closely with the core team, including direct line management of Business Support, Corporate Affairs and Programme Management functions.
    Ensure the organisation has appropriate policies and practices in place to maintain organisational resilience and wellbeing, including safeguarding training and support and supporting our values in terms of living our authentic voice principle

The above list is indicative only and not exhaustive. The post holder is expected to carry out all such additional duties as are commensurate with the role.

Person Specification Knowledge and experience

The successful candidate will be able to evidence that they support the core values of the DPA.

You will be driven by the goals and vision of the organisation and by the desire to see high standards in all the work we do.

You will have proven experience in increasing organisational effectiveness and a demonstrated ability to both lead and build the capabilities of a team. In particular, you will have:

  • A strong track record in delivering strong operational and financial results in an entrepreneurial and agile environment at senior management level
  • Have an appropriate formal qualification or relevant experience to demonstrate a high level of understanding about operational and financial strategy
  • Experience in developing and managing a high motivation, high performance culture
  • The ability to understand what constitutes user, social and financial value and achieve this in the work of your team
  • Evidence of the ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, experience, and judgment;
  • The ability to balance the delivery of programmes against the realities of a budget;
  • Experience in applying project and programme management disciplines in a measured and streamlined way to achieve faster, better results
  • Personal resilience and adaptability
  • Broad experience with the full range of business functions and systems, including strategic development and planning, human resources, budgeting, business analysis, finance, IT and legal

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