The DPA Community Board believe that there has never been a more important time for an evidence-based, cross-sector agenda for eradicating digital poverty.

The DPA community wishes to support a national delivery plan but with so many reports offering many different recommendations and with varying levels of good supporting evidence, it is almost impossible for decision-makers and policymakers to effectively determine the best way forward. For this reason, Dr Kira Allmann is pulling together a robust evidence review so we can synthesise the sources of insight and present data-backed solutions to help Government and industry eradicate digital poverty, once and for all.

We started our listening phase by working with the RSA and we are especially grateful to the All Party Parliamentary Groups (Digital Skills, Data Poverty and PICTFOR) who introduced us to Dr Kira Allmann.

We are keen to share where Dr Allmann has got to with a call to action for any remaining evidence to be shared. This report is an interim review of the evidence on digital poverty, drawing from a range of source material including reports, articles, books, and statistical datasets published by Government, academia, industry and the third sector. The aims of the final evidence report are to draw out and synthesise the overarching themes and trends, spotlight best practices and what works, helping to pinpoint outstanding gaps in insight and to make impartial recommendations based on evidence about strategies for eradicating digital poverty.

The goal in sharing this interim overview of the forthcoming evidence review report is to collaborate and invite feedback and input from everyone with an interest in Digital Poverty and specifically the APPGs, our DPA Community including our members, board members and also our growing list of brilliant Ambassadors.

We have designed and shared a collaboration space for our DPA community which is currently in BETA and now contains a virtual evidence room to share thoughts and inputs directly with Dr Kira Allmann and members of the DPA community.

Please join the DPA Community Hub and please submit any contributions and feedback by December 6th in the National Evidence Review Room here. These contributions will be collated alongside the outcomes from the Digital Poverty and Inequalities Summit this week and be considered in the final report to be published in early 2022.